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Since 2009, SI Elder Law Owner Tiffanny H. Sievers and her team of professionals have saved families their hard-earned assets they have accumulated over their lifetime. The success stories are endless. By placing our client’s needs first, staying up-to-date with the latest issues relating to the law and leading the discussion with leaders in Springfield regarding changes in Medicaid laws for Seniors, we’ve earned the trust of thousands of clients in Southern Illinois. In addition, families we represent in Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect cases have been awarded hundreds of thousands of dollars to compensate them for their injuries. Here’s a sampling of what some of our clients have to say about the services they received at SI Elder Law, LLC.

siel_webquoteone Tiffanny was a big help to me and my husband with his mother.
I would recommend her to anyone with elderly parents. siel_webquotetwo-Betty N.


siel_webquoteone Take time for an evaluation. The most professional program ever laid out for me. siel_webquotetwo-Charles N.


siel_webquoteone SI Elder Law did wonders for my family. Thanks! siel_webquotetwo-Jerry P.
siel_webquoteone They did a great job for me. So glad I had their services. siel_webquotetwo-Gail V.
siel_webquoteone SI Elder Law is wonderful. siel_webquotetwo-Phyllis P.
siel_webquoteone We are fortunate to have the professional prowess and services of
Attorney Sievers. She is extraordinary! siel_webquotetwo-Beth B.
siel_webquoteone We used SI Elder Law and couldn’t be happier with Tiffanny’s advice. siel_webquotetwo-Becky J.
siel_webquoteone They have been there for me any time I needed anything concerning (Mom).
I can’t thank them enough. siel_webquotetwo-Norma P.
siel_webquoteone It’s a relief to know someone is there to help. siel_webquotetwo-Alice C.
siel_webquoteone I must applaud SI Elder Law.
They are thorough and professional, and do excellent work. siel_webquotetwo-Cecilia K.
siel_webquoteone These folks are great. They did my grandparent’s estate
and my mom has went to them to get her things in order. Tiffanny was awesome. siel_webquotetwo-Shelly T.
siel_webquoteone SI Elder Law are the people to have when you need legal help.
They sure helped me. Good help and good people. I highly recommend. siel_webquotetwo-Bruce A.
siel_webquoteone I can highly recommend Tiffanny Sievers! She is a compassionate person
with a real concern for her clients! She is a brilliant lawyer. I can’t sing her praises enough.
I am blessed to know her and see her passion at work! siel_webquotetwo-Mary Jo W.
siel_webquoteone They helped with my parents, they are awesome to work with.
Definitely recommend their services. siel_webquotetwo-Denny M.
siel_webquoteone This community is very blessed to have SI Elder Law as an excellent resource! siel_webquotetwo-Beth B.
siel_webquoteone Very helpful in a tough time. I would recommend them.
They were a big help to our family. siel_webquotetwo-Dave W.

2016 Success Stories:

· $165,000– Nursing Home Negligence for slip and fall

· $250,000 – Nursing Home Negligence for Bed Sore

· $130,000 – Nursing Home Negligence for Bed Sore

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