SI Elder Law Attorneys have extensive experience to guide you through the probate process in Southern Illinois.

After a loved one’s passing, the probate process can be complex and confusing. Not to mention this occurs during an emotionally challenging time for your family. We are here to help. Let the attorneys of SI Elder Law help settle your loved one’s estate as smoothly, transparently and cost effective as possible.

In Illinois, if someone passes away with $1,500 of real estate or $100,000 in assets in their sole name, their estate must be probated. We help clients decide if a probate is necessary and explain the process, the timeline and the notification requirements to family members and creditors.

Not all Probate Attorneys are Equal.

Our Elder Law Attorneys work solely in the area of estate planning, probate and adult guardianship. We are not a general practice law firm. Because we are focused on these areas of law, we have handled thousands of cases throughout the years. We have systems in place and we communicate with you through the entire process.

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