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Is Nursing Home or Assisted Living Care your Family's Future?

Don’t go broke with the high costs of long-term care. With proper planning you can still protect your family’s assets.

Are you concerned about the financial impact of long-term care on your loved one in a nursing home? Don’t risk losing a lifetime of assets to expensive care costs. Our experienced Elder Law Attorneys in Marion, Illinois, can help safeguard your home, savings, and investment accounts through strategic Estate Planning.

Preserve Your Assets, Ensure Peace of Mind

Long-term care expenses in Southern Illinois for nursing homes and assisted living facilities range from $4,000 to over $10,000 monthly, depending on your loved ones needs. Often, the required care surpasses what can be managed safely at home, impacting the care spouses or family caregivers can provide. The threat of losing hard-earned assets is real. Our Elder Law Attorneys are experienced in protecting life insurance, bank funds, real estate, and other valuable assets. It’s never too late to take action – even if your loved one is currently in rehab, a nursing home, or assisted living.

Understanding the 5-Year Look Back

Contrary to common misconceptions, estate planning doesn’t require a 5-year lead time. The State of Illinois assesses your asset history over the past 5 years. Our Elder Law Attorneys are well-versed in navigating this process and can assist you in maximizing your Long-Term Care Medicaid benefits.

Why Choose an Experienced Elder Law Attorney?

Effective estate planning demands vast knowledge of complex estate planning laws. Our Elder Law Attorneys exclusively focus on estate planning, staying updated on the latest rules and regulations. Choosing a general practice attorney or one unfamiliar with Long-Term Care Medicaid Planning may jeopardize your family’s financial security.

Likewise, a nursing home or assisted living facility excels at providing care to your family member, but they are not attorneys and do not fully understand the complex Medicaid rules and regulations designed to benefit your family. SI Elder Law Attorneys have this experience, and in Southern Illinois, there are not many others who handle the volume of cases that we do.

Affordable Long-Term Care Protection

Long-term care costs in Southern Illinois can quickly escalate, ranging from $3,500 to $10,500 per month. Planning with an SI Elder Law Attorney is a strategic investment that can shield your assets and qualify you for essential long-term care benefits. The cost of this planning is minimal compared to the high cost of care in a long-term care facility.

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Serving clients throughout Illinois, we’ll assess your assets, explain available benefits, and craft a personalized plan designed to save you the most money. Don’t let the cost of care jeopardize your family’s financial well-being – take the first step towards asset protection today.

Why Choose SI Elder Law?

Led by SI Elder Law Attorney and Owner, Tiffanny H. Sievers, who is recognized across Illinois as a leader in Medicaid Planning, Medicaid Applications, and Medicaid Appeals. As a past-president and board member of The National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys, Illinois Chapter, Tiffanny is well-versed in the ever-changing rules, regulations, and guidelines of Illinois Medicaid. Tiffanny has actively led lobbying efforts to make favorable laws for seniors. She coaches other Elder Law attorneys across the state on Medicaid best practices and regularly speaks to attorneys about Medicaid Planning, Medicaid Applications, and Medicaid Appeals.

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