Planning for Future Generations

At SI Elder Law, LLC, we concentrate our legal practice solely on the legal issues that Southern Illinois seniors and their families must eventually resolve. We can help you and your loved ones make plans for obtaining Medicaid benefits, establishing guardianship and probate, estate planning, and dealing with problems at nursing homes, including investigating and putting an end to nursing home abuse and neglect.

We are prepared to help you and your family tackle the legal complexities of living a long and fruitful life.

SI Elder Law, LLC, can assist Southern Illinois clients in a variety of cases. From finding alternative ways to finance care at a nursing home, assisted living or at home, to preparing your Last Will and Testament, Powers of Attorney and Living Will, the experienced attorneys of SI Elder Law, LLC, can help.

Our team also can assist in VA Benefits Planning, Personal Injury, and Special Needs planning.

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Begin Your Elder Planning with Southern Illinois Elder Law

Don’t put off necessary decisions!

Senior citizens’ legal needs do not get better with age. The experienced legal team at SI Elder Law, LLC, can help settle the full range of issues required to protect your desires and make the years ahead easier.

Let us help you prepare for the future. Our services include:

Medicaid Planning

Medicaid benefits represent a promise to our senior citizens. Many falsely believe that they can qualify for Medicaid only if they have no assets. Initiated early enough, Medicaid planning can help you preserve what you’ve worked to gain, and still qualify for Medicaid benefits. It is best to begin Medicaid planning more than 5 years before eligibility. Contact SI Elder Law, LLC, to start today.

Probate Law

At SI Elder Law, LLC, we believe that the wishes of the departed as expressed in their wills should be respected and followed as closely as possible. We work with people to legally establish their desires for distribution of their estates. We also help family members protect their best interests after a death, as well as the best interests of the deceased person whose estate has come into question. If you have questions about the distribution of your estate or that of a family member, SI Elder Law, LLC, can make sure your interests are represented fairly and vigorously.


When the time comes that an elderly person requires assistance with the tasks and decisions of daily living, a guardianship sets out the legal relationship between a guardian and the disabled adult. An SI Elder Law, LLC, attorney can help you obtain documentation of disability, petition for a declaration of incapacity, and seek a court’s guardianship appointment. We also help forward-thinking seniors establish plans for needs that may lie ahead. Contact SI Elder Law, LLC, for help obtaining the protection your elderly oved one needs.

Estate Planning

Our legal system allows you a final say over distribution of your personal and real property, and other wealth after your death. Taking advantage of estate planning to establish a last will and testament, a living trust and other legal tools ensures that your wishes are carried out. Proper estate planning also protects your family, especially if you have loved ones with special needs. Don’t put off the protection you owe yourself and the people you care about. Let SI Elder Law, LLC, put your desires into effect today.

Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect

If a loved one of yours has moved into nursing home care, they are due specific protections under the Illinois Nursing Home Care Act and federal law. The attorneys of SI Elder Law, LLC, are here to help if you think someone you care about has been injured as a result of negligence or abuse by nursing home staff. We investigate allegations of nursing home abuse and neglect, we move quickly to end mistreatment and hold responsible parties accountable, and we seek compensation for nursing home abuse and neglect victims. If you have suspicions of nursing home abuse or neglect, contact us today for a free consultation about your loved one’s rights and the legal options available to you.

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